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MyLab 70 XVG (Esaote)

The Unexplored Side of Ultrasound

As result of close cooperation between renowned reference sites and Esaote’s advanced R&D laboratories, the MyLab70XVG was developed to deliver a premium-end ultrasound platform while maintaining modularity and flexibility as core aspects of its architecture. The MyLab70XVG guides the operators in discovering “The Unexplored Side of Ultrasound”.


The innovative MyLab Gold Platform is the core of the system. Its advanced architecture (XMA, XBF, XFT) elevates the level of components and unmatched processing capabilities to deliver a complete platform with exclusive performance, up-to-date technology and unlimited upgrading capability.


Versatility is one of the most important characteristics of a premium highend system. The XView, M-View, XHF technologies offer a wide range of imaging processing tools to reach the highest level of clinical results in all the applications and all the modalities.


The powerful platform of Mylab70XVG easily translates outstanding 2D image quality into 3D and 4D. The perfect integration between the system and the dedicated transducers provides detailed and precise acquisitions and reconstructions, making clinical results more comprehensive and reliable. 4D imaging increases diagnostic confidence, reduces the time-per-patient and improves patient comfort.


Esaote’s recognized leadership in ergonomics, design and simplicity of use is evident in every product in the MyLab World. User comfort and satisfaction are reflected in diagnostic confidence, clinical results and daily productivity. The ergonomics of the MyLab70XVG confirm the premium class of the system: ultimate solutions to ensure unmatched user comfort and reduce repetitive stress injuries due to daily activities: The adjustable streamlined LCD arm allows the display to be positioned for greater productivity with just a touch.

An additional LCD control screen simplifies application-dedicated controls. New-generation transducers, lightweight and ergonomically designed, ensure handling stress reduction and optimal working postures.


The integrated RF output allows the pure signal to be managed, including an elevated content of information not used for standard elaborations. Sophisticated algorithm compatibility permits clear mapping of the tissues under examination and identifies the areas with different physical and structural characteristics (liquid, solid, elastic, … and even more). These results give an important noninvasive contribution to tumor assessment and establish a new frontier in tissue characterization.


The MyLab70XVG integrated data management system provides different levels of signal processing. Quick access to real-time measurements and reports provides an easy approach to the daily routine. Furthermore, advanced postprocessing analyses allow even the most advanced modalities (i.e. Contrast agent imaging, Wall Tracking Motion, RF signal, …) to be quantified.


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