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Mylab 50 XVision (Esaote)

MyLab™50 XVision, the newest member of the revolutionary MyLab™ World, offers premium performance for general imaging and cardiac ultrasound scanning.

The modular architecture and unique scalability of MyLab™50 Family make it adaptable to a variety of clinical applications both in general imaging and cardiovascular configurations for adults and children, including cardiac, main and peripheral vascular, abdominal, small parts, breast, ob/gyn, urology and musculoskeletal.

The MyLab50’s modular architecture offers the highest level of flexibility when it comes to choosing the system’s configuration. Any level of customization is possible by upgrading the system with application-dedicated packages and equipping it with the desired peripherals. This way, the present and future needs of any user are guaranteed.

Advanced multi-frequency transducers, extreme sensitivity and an intuitive user interface allow for improved diagnostic confidence in difficult to scan patients.

MyLab™50 XVision are versatile ultrasound systems that offer the premium performance and portability needed to provide the highest levels of patient care in the most demanding of clinical environments.

The MyLab50 XVision is equipped with a specially engineered LCD monitor, perfectly adapted to the video characteristics of the system, able to produce unmatched image quality, combined with specific technologies embedded in the software.

The MyLab50 XVision produces unmatched image quality both in terms of contrast and spatial resolution and increases user comfort while reducing eyestrain. A fully height-adjustable and rotating keyboard with back-illuminated soft-keys on the system’s alphanumeric keyboard ensures maximum comfort and versatility. The ergonomic design and the compact dimensions make the MyLab50 XVision a pleasure to use.

The MyLab50 XVision is the perfect partner for any operator, whether he or she works in a private practice or in a hospital department using the most advanced technologies in modern medicine.


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