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MyLab 30 Gold CV (Esaote)

More than a Portable System

A growing number of ultrasound users is today looking for an optimal solution where high performance meets mobile systems and portability. With MyLab30Gold, any technological innovation and solution has been re-designed to be applied to the most advanced portable system, able to deliver unmatched performance, increased diagnostic confidence and an extreme ease of use at the same time.

Moreover, the high-level platform ensures extended modularity and upgradeability as well as easy and fast service diagnosis and recovery procedures.

A technological range never expectedin this class of systems

XStrain2D-Based Strain-Strain Rate

The innovative XStrain technology provides an advanced and angle-independent 2D imagingbased tool for analyzing myocardial velocities, strain and strain rate detection. The quantification of these parameters is the most promising clinical technique for the early detection of myocardial contractility and distensibility impairment. XStrain provides an unmatched level of diagnostic capability and allows an innovative approach to further clinical procedures (i.e, CRT – Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy).


RFQIMT technology can provide accurate realtime IMT measurement (21 ìm) within one minute of exam, including a comprehensive report with IMT normal values over age. The accurate RF-based result allows a precise evaluation of patients’ vascular conditions, on which prevention, treatment and follow-up plans can be defined.

XView Real-Time Adaptive Algorithms

The latest version of real-time complex image processing algorithm, XView, elaborates the pattern of every single frame at the pixel level, eliminating speckle and noise artifacts, dynamically enhancing tissue margins and improving tissue conspicuity. XView increases diagnostic confidence without any negative manipulation of the final image or loss of frame rate.

MView Multi-View Imaging

Combined contributions of standard and steered ultrasound beams allow optimized image quality for comfortable detection of every anatomical structure and help to eliminate doubts in the final diagnosis. By reducing the presence of artifacts, shadowing and speckle, higher readability of the diagnostic images is guaranteed.

CnTI™ Contrast Tuned Imaging

Esaote’s revolutionary technology in combination with the latest generation of ultrasound contrast agents provide precise micro-bubble detection. MyLab30 GOLD perfectly manages this technology and delivers impressive results in a wide range of application and probes.

MyLab25Gold offers the most up-to-date solutions:

  • High capacity HD for internal data storage
  • USB 2.0 and CD/DVD to export clinical data (proprietary, Windows® and DICOM format)
  • Integrated network board for direct connection to LAN
  • Direct Connection to external PC or workstation
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Easy connection to Windows®/Dicom printers
  • Wireless connection capability 


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