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MyLab 15 (Esaote)

MyLab World Advanced Technology

The MyLab15 is Esaote’s new compact, premium black & white ultrasound system, which can be upgraded to include color and Doppler. Engineered with Esaote’s ESA-DYN technology and second generation adaptive filters, the MyLab15 image quality is truly exceptional for a system in its size and price class. The ESA-DYN microchip allows Esaote to offer the MyLab15’s exclusive high-dynamic signal processing, and second generation adaptive filtering is the proprietary solution for the MyLab15’s superior contrast resolution.

Improved Workflow through Design

The MyLab15’s ergonomic design defines it as a system created for easeof-use and increased practice workflow and efficiency. Every system has three probe connectors and two rest ports to be used with various highdensity convex and linear transducers. This eliminates the time needed to change probes during or between examinations. Additionally, the MyLab15 XVision configuration results in an unmatched image both in terms of contrast and spatial resolution and increases user comfort while reducing eyestrain.

Complete Application & Feature Possibilities

Based on the MyLab World modular architecture, the MyLab15 offers a wide range of application packages and can be individualized to every user’s specific needs. Modules are available for OB/GYN, Vascular, Urology, Cardiology and General Imaging (Abdomen, Musculoskeletal, Thyroid, Breast and Small Parts). The MyLab15’s modularity also includes special features, such as TEI™ (Tissue Enhancement Imaging). The easy-to-use TEI feature, with its one-button access and quick response time, is a true technological advantage in routine ultrasound use.

Added OB/GYN Benefits

The MyLab15 OB/GYN module contains a new feature specifically designed for the OB/GYN ultrasound user. The Mother-Child Database is an internal database system that allows the clinician to save fetal measurements made at each visit and to view and analyze these over time, all in one easy report. The Mother-Child Database feature provides the MyLab15 OB/GYN user with an extra tool for providing the best diagnostic care possible. MyLab15-Just 4D is a complete, easy-to-use real-time imaging option with an unlimited history volume and unique stereoscopy viewing capabilities.

Innovative USB/DVD Solutions, Data Management, MyLab Desk

The MyLab15 integrates modern USB port functionality and CD/DVD recording capabilities. Every system is supplied with a personal USB memory drive standard, and the built-in USB port allows the user to save data quickly and easily. Images and clips (including 4D) can be stored in real-time, reviewed and exported in different formats using the embedded data management system. Images can also be printed on USB and/or PC printers. The USB memory drive can be used in any PC to save or further process the images. The MyLab15 also has an integrated CD/DVD writer for saving images to CD or DVD. A perfect solution for today’s busy OB/GYN practice: patients can be given a USB memory drive, CD or DVD to bring to each visit to take copies of their images home to share. Additionally, MyLab Desk, Esaote’s latest image management solution to increase workflow and productivity, is available with the MyLab15. MyLab Desk installs the system’s user interface on a standard PC, offering a comfortable reviewing and processing station.


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