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Tringa 50S (Esaote)


The Dutch hi-tech company Pie Medical - subsidiary of Esaote, part of the Bracco Group - has developed the smallest ultrasound scanner in the world. This new piece of diagnostic equipment has potentially an enormous range of applications.

The compact scanner, the "50S Tringa" is set to rapidly become standard in the fields of both veterinary and human medicine. Not only vets but also farmers themselves will be able to carry out quick and easy scans to determine whether an animal is pregnant. At the moment, this has to be done using large scanners, which are taken from farm to farm and which thus present a serious risk of cross-infection. The "50S Tringa" will make this problem a thing of the past because every farmer will be able to have his own scanner In human medicine physicians and paramedics (in both ambulances and helicopters) will be able to carry out effective diagnostics with it. It can also be used at the patient's bedside for applications specific demands.

The user can mount the scanner on his own arm or on a table stand. The LCD screen offers excellent image quality. The wide range of applications and the low cost of the "50S Tringa" will attract a large target group.

The "50S Tringa" will be introduced in the worldwide veterinary market. The system shall become available for human applications in the course of next year and will be available for preliminary demonstrations and hands-on testing at MEDICA '99 in Düsseldorf, November 17-20 1999.

Some characteristics

The "50S Tringa" weighs only 800 grams and has a bright-image LCD screen. The rechargeable battery (supplied) provides enough power for three hours use. Software will be optimally application specific. The "50S Tringa" has an infrared communication port and a connection for a video recorder and a printer.


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